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With the assistance of an experienced team of construction professionals almost anything can be accomplished.  Cottongim Enterprises has designed and built commercial warehouses, office buildings, agricultural structures even schools and factories on time and on budget.  You can rely on Cottongim Enterprises to provide accurate pre-project planning, attention to build/design details and timely completion of your project.  Our design/build project expertise has evolved during our more than 35 years of general construction services in the communities of Southern Indiana and Northern Kentucky.

Building a new building or the restoration of an existing facility can be a financial challenge in today’s difficult economic times.  Cottongim Enterprises understands the financial pressures faced by businesses and organizations in today’s marketplace to always ‘do more with less’.  When you engage Cottongim Enterprises we focus on providing value through our attention to every detail.  By managing each detail, Cottongim ensures your project comes in on budget and that you receive the maximum return for your investment.

At Cottongim Enterprises we put our name and reputation on the line with every project we do.  Cottongim Enterprises is a family-owned business that was founded in 1973 by the late Ralph Winslow and other members of the Cottongim family.  As a family-owned business we feel our family extends to our team of dedicated long-term employees that take pride in their work and exhibit their commitment to getting the job done each and every day.  As with any successful organization, it takes teamwork and a group commitment to excellence and after more than 35 years in business we stand behind the efforts of our entire team of design/build professionals.

Whenever problems and obstacles arise during a project, we handle and resolve these problems in a professional manner.  Our company is system organized from plans, supervision, construction, administration and accounting.  This organization helps from beginning to end of each project.  Each job receives a specifically written proposal acting as a checklist to ensure the job is completed to the client’s satisfaction.    

We have the staff and crew to manage any project from start to finish. With our in-house drafting service we can work with our customers to get the best design for their dollar before it goes to review by a licensed Indiana engineer.  These drawings are drawn in AutoCAD and updated for ‘As-Builts’ at the end of the project for future use by the owner.

Our clients are often surprised at the affordability of a new building or structure.  If you would like to discuss a future new construction, renovation or restoration project please contact Cottongim Enterprises, Inc.